Birthday Speech

Why Marines Celebrate Their Birthday

From their early birth until this day,
Little has changed or gone away.
They bond for life, make no mistake,
And their love for the “Corps” will never shake!

“God, Country, Corps,” sums up a Marine,
It’s a simple fact, and like a gene!
Don’t get them wrong, or up tight,
They’re a peace loving group until they fight!

And fight they will, with all their might,
When called upon in day or night!
Every year they come together,
The young, the old, regardless of weather!

To see old friends and share some thought,
Dressed sharp and smart like they were taught!
For some the years went very fast,
But they still remember their warrior past.

So they toast a few to the “Corps” they love,
And also thank their God above!
For all these years it’s much the same,
And if there’s a message, it’s very plain,

Freedom’s not free, there’s a price to pay,
That’s why Marines honor this day!
November 10th will always be,
A day the “Corps” helped us stay free!

By Bob Beskar, Vietnam War Veteran

bold marine

There are bold Marines

old marine

And there are old Marines

Marine Corps emblem

But as far as you look,
whatever you see
one thing is certain
or I am not me:
There are no ex-Marines!

With limitless spirit and pure dedication
to serve this great nation.

With a neck of leather,
A heart of gold
And Marine Corps Pride
That will never grow old

Whether standing guard
Or at the front of a fight
A Marine has it all
And has it all right!

God-Country-Corps birthday cake Marine by choice