Weapon Stuff
Weapon Stuff

I have listed below different things regarding weapons that I've either created or came across. If you have one to suggest and want to pass on, please drop me an email

I like Guns
Life is Good...
Firearm Refresh Course
Why The Gun In Civilization?
Celebrate Diversity
Gun Control Map
Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime
Small Arms Ballistic Effects
Free Targets (to print)
Free Manuals for ALL Weapons
Find a Range
2nd Amendment Rights? Tell that to Her!
Gun Control Legislation
Charlton Heston
The Battle of Athens
First Assault Weapon
Christmas Tree
The Truth About Assault Weapons
A Little Gun History Lesson

Marine Rifle Creed Weapon Safety Rifle/Pistol Techniques
Weapon History Cartridge Listing Dominant Eye Test

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