Windows Tips

Some Windows 2000 (as well as present 95/98 and NT) quick tricks:

1. A personal portal in five minutes. Tired of Web "portals" that are just trying to sell you things? It's easy to create your own personal, noncommercial Web portal. Simply create a document in a modern word processor, such as Microsoft Word 97 or 2000, and type in the Web pages you want to have on your list. Save the file in HTML format anywhere on your hard disk. (To do this, click File, Save As, then look for .HTML or .HTM as a file format you can save to.) In your browser, make this your Start Page. In Internet Explorer 5, for example, click Tools, Internet Options, then click the "Use Blank" button and replace the filename that appears (typically, file:///C:/WINNT/SYSTEM/BLANK .HTM) with your own filename. The extra slashes in "file:///" are necessary for this to work.

2. Expand your computer. Drag the My Computer icon from the Windows Desktop to your Start Button. Not only do you get a quick shortcut on the menu to the My Computer window, but it's expandable. You can easily open any file in any folder from the submenus that branch off your new My Computer menu.

3. One finger workstation lock (for 2000). Create a shortcut on your desktop (call it anything you want) and point the target to "%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation". This will give a shortcut to autolock your workstation. If you right-click on the shortcut and set the "shortcut Key" to something like the F11 key you now have a one finger keystroke to lock your machine.

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