I have listed below a few web pages I've come across from time to time that provide very good instructions for the different operating systems. If you have any suggestions, please go to my Guest Book

Windows Tips

Microsoft Knowledge Base
NT Help
Registry Edit
Download Free Window Files
Windows 9x Info
Windows 98 Info
Windows XP Help
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
Windows Galore
Glossary of Filename Extensions
Search for Filename Extensions
Tech Dictionary
Exchange export utility
Internet Encyclopedia
Multilingual Internet Terms
Startup files for Windows
Broadband Speed Tests
Price Watch - Search engine
Free Boot Disks (to make)
PC and Hard Drive Maintenance
PC Hell
VPN Mentor (find your IP)
Internet Traffic Report
SysInternals Tools
FoundStone Tools
Step-by-step instructions how to build a PC
DNS Stuff
Send FREE Faxes!

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