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The Story of Our Flag
Patriot Day (observation of Sep 11, 2001)
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Desktop Flag
God Bless America script
Yellow Ribbon script
Red, White and Blue Ribbon script
Citizenship Test
Independence Day Quiz
Full Civic Literacy Exam
In God We Still Trust
Big Dog's Patriotic Page
Press One for English
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
Robin Williams as The Flag

I am the Flag
My Country
Our flag - the world’s symbol of freedom
Freedom Isn't Free
Hello, Remember Me?
The Pledge Of Allegiance
Gold Star Mothers/Sons in Service Flag

On this page are links to some Flag related pages I think everyone should read and know. There are also links to other important documents in American History that have made this country what it is today. Although the United States is not perfect, it is still the model nation of all the world.

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Some information concerning the American Flag.

US Flag SiteFolding the Flag - How to properly fold the flag.
US Flag SiteFlag Etiquette- Standards of Respect
US Flag SiteFlag Facts - The Pledge of Allegiance, Evolution of the Flag, History of Flag Day June 14th, Old Glory and other Flag facts.
US Flag SiteFlag Code - National Flag Code adopted by the National Flag Conference on Flag Day, June 14, 1923.
Flag ManualFlag Manual - Flag Manual

Christian FLAG Page

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The following are documents every American should read and know. As you sit there and read these words across your monitor, a man or woman is training for war. The Armed Forces are constantly preparing American soldiers for battle. People may object to military tactics and our Commander in Chief's decisions, but the ultimate goal and desire for every person working for the Department of Defense is to keep this nation free and for your life to reside in and enjoy such freedom. They risk their lives in training, and will undoubtedly risk their lives in time of war. These writings represent America, its history and the people for which it was written.

Flag Burning?

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