Fun Stuff

God Bless America script
Yellow Ribbon script
Red, White and Blue Ribbon script
Snow Flakes
Anything you can think of

Magic Card Game Time is on the move
Stars on the move More Time on the move
Circle size Even more Time on the move
How many legs? Lines
Fuzzy dot Colors
Earth at Night 13 Faces (and answer)
Technology for Country Folk Moving Circle
Doves on the move How many black dots?
Spiral Look Again
Mind Reader - really strange Eye Exam
Freaky! Just a line to say "Hi"
Find the Man Getting Dizzy!
Frog or Horse? Faces or Siesta?
Can you pass the Third Grade? Watching you
Liquid Man Animated Emoticons
Optical Illusion Maiden Rock (and answer)
See a face? Typical Day?
Optical Illusion Stress Test
Bubble Wrap Animator vs Animation
Electric Oyster When the stress ball just doesn't work
Ink drawing - pretty cool Draw a Stick Man
Pistol Shooting Crazy Circle

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