No Time?

There are 168 hours in each week. Fifty-six of these we spend in sleep. Of the remaining 112 hours, we devote 48 to labor. This leaves 64 hours, of which let us assign 12 hours for our daily meals...

We have left 52 hours, net, of conscious active life to devote to any purpose to which we are inclined.

Is it too much to say that God requires a tithe of this free time? One tenth of 52 hours if 5.2 hours. How much of this tithe of time do we devote to strictly religious uses?

If one allowed an hour for church and an hour for a Bible study or prayer meeting each week, he would still have 192 minutes a week - enough for nearly a half hour each day in prayer and Bible reading. Such a person would still have more than 45 hours a week for life's chores and personal fun!

The old excuse, "I have too little time," doesn't fly. What is more likely the case is this: too little planning of the time we have!

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