Real Gunny's

REAL GUNNYs think Lieutenants should be seen and not heard, and never, ever, be allowed to read books on leadership.

REAL GUNNYs don't have any civilian clothes.

REAL GUNNYs don't remember any time they weren't GUNNYs.

REAL GUNNYs propose to their future spouses like this "There will be a wedding at 1000 hours on 29 October, be there in blues with your gear packed because you will be a prime participant."

REAL GUNNYsí favorite food is shipboard SOS for breakfast.

REAL GUNNYs don't know how to tell civilian time.

REAL GUNNYs call each other "GUNNY."

REAL GUNNYsí greatest fear is signing for property book items.

REAL GUNNYs dream in Marine Corps Scarlet and Gold, cammy earthtones, and occasionally green.

REAL GUNNYs have served in places that are now war memorials or tourist attractions.

REAL GUNNYs can find their way to the SNCO Club blindfolded, on 15 different bases.

REAL GUNNYs have pictures of weapons in their wallets.

REAL GUNNYs don't own any pens that do not have "Property U.S. Govt" on them.

REAL GUNNYs don't voluntarily get the mandatory flu shots.

REAL GUNNYs don't order supplies, they swap for them.

REAL GUNNYs think excessive modesty is their only fault.

REAL GUNNYsí last duty station was always better.

REAL GUNNYs know that the black tar in their coffee cup makes the coffee taste better.

REAL GUNNYsí idea of heaven - Three good Sergeants and a Lieutenant who does what he is told.

REAL GUNNYs think John Wayne would have made a good GUNNY, if he had not gone soft and made a Seabee movie.

REAL GUNNYs use the term "Good Training" to describe any unpleasant task. Policing the parade ground is "Good Training." Having to sleep on your seabag in the parking lot because there was no room in the barracks is "Good Training."

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