The items listed on the continuing pages are all handcrafted by Montney and Son. We take exceptional pride in what we do to create that most unique item for you. We hand select each and every piece of material to ensure it meets our high standards. We are open to requests for custom products, materials and sizes.

Writing Instruments
Our writing instruments are created from a variety of woods that grow all over the world. They are made from a solid piece of wood (blanks) with the grain oriented to match between the two barrels of the pen or pencil. They are all hand turned on professional wood lathes. Every blank has its own grain pattern which makes each final product unique.

The actual pen or pencil devices are made from manufactured kits. We generally use the Funline pen kit which has 6 different plating's available; Economy Gold, Chrome, Copper, Gun Metal, Satin Gold and Satin Pearl. We provide the following types: Ballpoint Twist, Ballpoint Click, Fountain, Pencil, Rollerball or Single Tube. If you have a special request ask us as there are many other types available. I order all my materials from Penn State Industries. You can go to their Pen Design Studio and create the type of pen I can make for you. We also use Cross pen refills. They write excellent and are cheap to replace (just pull the pen apart and unscrew the refill).

We make bowls from wood blanks that range from exotic woods from around the world to familiar local stock. We also age and make products from trees felled locally. The bowls can be custom made in a variety of shapes and styles. Each bowl is sealed with non toxic material so they can be used for edible foods. Each bowl's secret beauty is contained in the grain of the wood blank.

Special Wood Items

Snowmen - Can be used as window ornaments or Christmas tree ornaments.
Christmas Ornaments - Handmade with the specific wood that you pick.
Tops - Handmade with the specific wood that you pick.
Fan/Light Pulls - Handmade with the specific wood that you pick.

My son and I can create just about anything that can be turned on a lathe and we love challenges. Contact us at for more information.

Handmade Bowls
Handmade Pens
Special Items