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I've been asked most recently about what people can do for our troops. I've put together a couple of resources if you'd like to pass along.

Recently released from the DoD: "To bolster force protection, the general public is urged not to send unsolicited mail, care packages or donations to service members forward deployed unless you are a family member, loved one or personal friend."

DoD - Troop Support
United Services Organization (USO)
Injured Marine Fund
Care Package Contents
To send an online "Thank You" note to the troops.
Let's Say Thanks - In support of the troops
1-800-YumYum2 to send Girl Scout cookies to the troops.
Fisher House
Good Rides (supporting military)

If you have the complete name, and mailing address, you can send a "MarsGram" by using the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) system.
For Navy/Marine Corps - Navy/Marine Corps MARS
For Army - Army MARS
For Air Force - Air Force MARS

Additional programs:
Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society - NMCRS
Army Emergency Relief - Army
Air Force Aid Society - Air Force
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance - Coast Guard