United At Last

Two giants stood strong and tall,
in horror we watched them fall.
Someone out there who has no heart,
planned and set out to tear them apart.

Every eye glued to a TV set,
every heart sank, you can bet.
On September 11th, America saw hell,
Along with bricks and mortor our security net fell.

We thought we were safe inside our shores.
We were conceited and vain and stood straight and tall.
The bigger they are the harder they fall.
For years we've rode on the muscle of so many men,
who gave this coutnry their lives and were forgotten in the end.

Our Grandparents are the ones who gave us our freedom and made this country strong.
It's time that we told them Thank You and that forgetting everything they did was so wrong.

It's time that we stand side by side
with so many from the past,
and prove once again what America stands for will last!

Allegiance and patriotism in America has been reborn.
They awoke a sleeping giant and united a country once tattered and torn.
The lives lost on September 11th, will not be in vain,
We will rebuild and be a better society in their name.

In loving memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. May my heart felt words help to bring healing to others in this time of need.

Rhonda M. Aiken ©