Weapon Stuff
Weapon Stuff

I have listed below different things regarding weapons that I've either created or came across. If you have one to suggest and want to pass on, please drop me an email

I like Guns
Life is Good...
Firearm Refresh Course
Why The Gun In Civilization?
Celebrate Diversity
Gun Control Map
Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime
Small Arms Ballistic Effects
Free Targets (to print)
Free Manuals for ALL Weapons
Find a Range
2nd Amendment Rights? Tell that to Her!
Gun Control Legislation
Charlton Heston
The Battle of Athens
First Assault Weapon
Christmas Tree
The Truth About Assault Weapons
US State Ammo and Gun Laws
A Little Gun History Lesson

Marine Rifle Creed Weapon Safety Rifle/Pistol Techniques
Weapon History Cartridge Listing Dominant Eye Test

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